Can You Install Asphalt Paving Over a Concrete Surface?

Can You Install Asphalt Paving Over a Concrete Surface?

Can You Install Asphalt Paving Over a Concrete Surface?If the surface of your concrete parking lot, driveway, or roadway is aesthetically displeasing, you may be considering your options. Your budget may not allow for a complete reconstruction, or you may worry that the job would prove too disruptive. Therefore, you are wondering whether it might be possible to cover your concrete pavement with asphalt paving. In some cases, an asphalt overlay can be an economical solution to a problematic concrete pavement. However, there are certain potential drawbacks that you will also need to consider.

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

An asphalt overlay is one or more courses of asphalt that a paving company installs on top of an existing pavement. Paving overlays are less expensive and faster than a reconstruction or even a new construction. A commercial paving company can overlay streets, parking lots, highways, driveways, and many other types of pavements.

What Makes a Concrete Pavement Suitable for Overlaying With Asphalt Paving in Austin TX?

First of all, an Austin paving company will assess the stability of the concrete pavement. Asphalt requires a stable, strong foundation so that the paving company can compact the asphalt properly. However, concrete will harden over time and is capable of filling in gaps in the subgrade. Therefore, commercial paving contractors frequently pay little attention to compacting the soil when installing a concrete pavement. If the subgrade is unstable, the asphalt overlay will likely have a very brief life. The unstable soil can shift, causing the concrete slabs to sink, rise, or move out of alignment, taking the overlay with them. The second thing that roadway and parking lot paving contractors will consider is the condition of the concrete pavement. If it has severe cracks, spalling, or breakage, these damage patterns will manifest in the overlay as well. Sometimes, a company that offers concrete repairs as one of its paving services may be able to address the damage before installing an overlay. However, in many cases, this is not economically feasible.

Are There Other Drawbacks to Installing Asphalt Paving Over Concrete?

One potential drawback involves the expansion joints in the concrete pavement. Concrete paving companies install expansion joints to help prevent breakage when the ground moves in response to temperature fluctuations. If the expansion joints are functional, the asphalt overlay can develop significant cracks over them after just a few freeze/thaw cycles.

Do Paving Overlays Require Sealcoating and Other Types of Asphalt Maintenance?

Yes, asphalt overlays require routine maintenance to maximize their longevity. Most Austin paving companies recommend sealcoating a paving overlay as soon as the asphalt cures. You will also need other paving services, including asphalt crack repairs, vehicle fluid removal, and routine sweepings.

Is It Better to Remove a Concrete Pavement and Replace It With Asphalt Paving in Austin TX?

The decision to switch from concrete to a full-depth asphalt pavement may be the right choice for you. However, you and your Austin paving company will need to consider a variety of factors before making the decision. These factors include your budget, your short- and long-term plans, and your ability to manage the disruption to your operations.

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