What Is the Asphalt Paving Life Expectancy?

What Is the Asphalt Paving Life Expectancy?

Asphalt pavements have been cropping up everywhere for many decades, and, in part, this popularity is based on asphalt’s economical cost, installation speed, and aesthetic appeal. However, many people do not realize that asphalt pavements are also surprisingly flexible and durable. If you are planning an asphalt paving project, you may be wondering how long your new pavement will last. A pavement’s life expectancy depends on its use as well as the routine care that it receives after it is installed, but it is possible to estimate its life under average conditions and with proactive maintenance and repair.

How Long Should Asphalt Paving Last When Used to Construct a Parking Lot?

Most Austin paving contractors estimate that asphalt parking lots will last between 15 and 25 years. The higher number represents a parking lot that receives an average volume of traffic that consists entirely of passenger vehicles. The lower number represents a parking lot that supports both passenger cars and heavy trucks, or a lot that supports an exceptionally high volume of vehicles and has a high turnover rate.

How Long Should Asphalt Paving Last on Residential Streets?

Residential streets may support a mix of vehicle types, but the volume of traffic is typically relatively low. An asphalt company will usually estimate a life expectancy of around 20 years for well-maintained residential streets.

What Is the Estimated Life Expectancy When Paving Austin Residential Driveways?

With proper asphalt maintenance, including sealcoating, a residential driveway should last between 25 and 30 years. However, allowing motor homes, boat trailers, or other heavy loads to remain stationary on the pavement can reduce its life, so be sure to let your asphalt paving Texas contractor know how you plan to use your driveway so that your pavement can be engineered to support any heavy vehicles that will be using it.

When Paving Austin Area Highways, What Is the Estimated Life Expectancy?

Highways and interstates support a variety of vehicle types that can have vastly different weights. Austin paving companies usually assign an estimated life of 10 to 15 years for busy highways. However, this does not mean that the highway must always be torn out and rebuilt. If the foundation is relatively stable, an asphalt overlay can often be installed faster and at a much lower cost.

How Long Should an Asphalt Overlay Last?

An asphalt overlay should receive the same attention as a new pavement. After the overlay has cured, sealcoating should be applied, and cracks or other pavement breaks should be repaired quickly. If cared for properly, an overlay will typically last between 12 and 15 years, but there are some that have lasted much longer.

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