How Should I Handle Asphalt Paving Drainage Issues?

How Should I Handle Asphalt Paving Drainage Issues?

How Should I Handle Asphalt Paving Drainage Issues? Asphalt pavements can develop minor and major issues over the course of their lives, especially if they are not properly constructed and adequately maintained. Minor issues, however, can quickly turn into major problems, so it is important to handle the little things as soon as you possibly can. Unfortunately, some issues may appear trivial at first, and ignoring them can often be a costly mistake. One issue that could potentially belong in this category is a problem with your asphalt paving drainage.

Why Should Asphalt Paving Drainage Issues Receive Immediate Attention?

You may have heard that asphalt paving has excellent waterproofing properties, and that is true. However, your local asphalt paving company in Austin may have neglected to tell you that water is one of three formidable enemies of your pavement. The other two are ultraviolet radiation and petroleum-based vehicle fluids, both of which can help water attack your pavement. Water that pools on the surface of your Austin asphalt paving is bad enough for your pavement’s health, but things quickly get worse if the water percolates down to the foundation. Water will erode the foundation, compromising its strength and stability. If asphalt paving drainage issues are neglected long enough, especially if crack repairs are also ignored, your pavement could require some costly repairs or even total replacement.

What Are the Most Important Steps When Faced With Asphalt Paving Drainage Issues?

With very rare exceptions, paving drainage issues are not problems that you can handle on your own. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to consult a trustworthy Austin asphalt paving company.

1. Once you have selected a local asphalt paving company in Austin, request a thorough evaluation of your pavement. When they conduct pavement evaluations, competent asphalt paving contractors will make every effort to identify the source of any problems.
2. Once Austin asphalt paving professionals identify the source of your drainage issues, they can offer recommendations for correcting them. Some drainage issues affect only the top two or three inches of the asphalt paving, so milling might be a possible remedy. Other drainage issues lie deep underground, so possible solutions might include full-depth patches or even a complete reconstruction. Your asphalt paving company in Austin may determine that additional catch basins or trench drains will solve your issues. There are numerous ways to handle asphalt paving drainage issues, but choosing the right solution depends on the nature of the issue and its source.
3. If an asphalt paving company does not address the source, your drainage issues will likely worsen. You could face mounting repair bills just to keep your pavement open, or you could be forced to rebuild your pavement prematurely.

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