What Are The Asphalt Paving Cost Factors?

What Are The Asphalt Paving Cost Factors?

What Are The Asphalt Paving Cost Factors?Asphalt paving is a cost-effective way to get a functional, reliable and long-lasting surface for your property. But how much does asphalt paving cost? Several factors can impact the total cost of your paving project. Asphalt companies will consider these factors while factoring in labor costs to provide a quote, so it’s wise to reach out to a contractor for more accurate price estimates.

But to give you more insight into what to expect, here’s what you need to know about asphalt paving cost factors.

How Do Grade and Tonnage Affect Asphalt Paving Costs?

Two of the biggest asphalt paving cost factors are the grade of the asphalt you use and how much you’ll need. There are several different grade options available, and each one comes with a unique price tag. Your asphalt paving company can walk you through your options and help you determine which option is appropriate for your project.

Lower-quality grades like I-2 are the most economical choice. Asphalt companies may recommend 1-2 “base” grade asphalt for surfaces that will only receive light traffic. But if you’re paving an enormous parking lot that will receive substantial traffic, you may need to opt for higher-quality I-5 asphalt for lasting durability.

Tonnage refers to the amount of material required to complete your asphalt paving project. Larger projects will need more asphalt, increasing the total asphalt paving cost. The same goes for surfaces engineered to accommodate significant weight, such as thicker pavement for heavy-duty vehicles.

Will Transportation to My Property Impact the Cost of Paving?

Another asphalt paving cost factor is your property’s distance from the supplier. Of course, you must get the material to your site! The farther the distance, the more your asphalt will cost.

Your asphalt paving company will also provide details concerning the weight of the material and how many truckloads are necessary. Denser mixes weigh more, putting more strain on the vehicles transporting the asphalt. That translates into more fuel costs that will increase the price of your paving.

Are There Different Types of Materials Available?

Asphalt paving in Texas can consist of many different types of material. While most people see asphalt paving and think it’s all the same, you’ll find several formulas, densities and materials available. Asphalt companies can guide you in the right direction and help you choose the right material for your project. But it’s important to remember that different materials come at various price points.

Hot mix is the most common type of material asphalt companies use. It’s what you see on roads and parking lots. However, your asphalt paving company may recommend more affordable warm or cold-mix asphalt. There are also recycled blends that are more cost-effective if you’re looking to save.

How Does Labor Influence the Total Paving Cost?

Last but not least, labor will impact the cost of asphalt paving. Asphalt paving in Texas is a complex job. It requires many skilled professionals to complete. How many people working on your project can affect the total cost of asphalt paving.

Of course, large-scale projects like commercial parking lots and roads will require asphalt companies to bring on more people. Meanwhile, smaller residental projects can usually get by with fewer people.

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