Asphalt Parking Lot Paving In 8 Simple Steps

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving In 8 Simple Steps

Asphalt Parking Lot Paving In 8 Simple StepsAsphalt parking lot paving can improve your property in many ways. Asphalt is a versatile material known for its lasting durability. With proper care, it can last decades. It’s also cost-effective compared to the alternatives, making it a go-to choice for projects big and small.

If you’re planning a new paving project, here’s what you can expect when working with an experienced asphalt paving company.

Does Asphalt Parking Lot Paving Require Any Prep Work?

Preparation work is a crucial step in the parking lot paving project. Your asphalt paving company will take extra time excavating the area to remove vegetation and create a flat surface for your pavement.

During this process, asphalt paving companies analyze the soil closely. They look at factors like compaction, load-bearing capacity and more to determine what amendments are required to achieve the desired strength of the final product.

Why Do Paving Companies Spend Time Grading the Area?

Grading is another integral part of asphalt paving service. It comes after excavation and testing. The point of paving is to achieve the desired elevation. But more importantly, it helps promote proper water drainage.

Standing water is pavement’s biggest enemy, so asphalt paving companies take all the precautions necessary to set your parking lot up for success before any asphalt goes down. Grading creates a subtle slope, allowing water to drain off your pavement.

How Important is the Sub-Base for Asphalt Paving?

The sub-base refers to the foundation of your parking lot paving. Like any other structure, pavement needs a solid foundation to sit on. Otherwise, it can buckle under the pressure of regular use and experience countless issues.

Asphalt paving companies will use aggregates and other materials to beef up the sub-base. The goal is to achieve a high load-bearing capacity while addressing the soil’s unique needs.

What Role Does Binder Play in Asphalt Parking Lot Paving?

Once the sub-base is ready, your asphalt paving company will lay a thick binder course layer. Also known as asphalt “base,” this mixture contains larger aggregate pieces. It also includes a fair amount of bitumen.

This layer provides structural integrity to your parking lot paving. It’s what gives the pavement its strength.

What Will My Asphalt Paving Company in Austin TX Use to Achieve a Smooth Finish?

The binder layer isn’t what vehicles will drive on. The top layer you see teams laying down when providing asphalt paving services is known as the ” asphalt surface.” It contains finer aggregates mixed with bitumen binders.

Because the aggregates are smaller, this layer provides a smoother finish than what the base can provide. The base is what gives your pavement strength. Meanwhile, the surface gives you that sleek finish and a smoother driving experience.

Why Do Asphalt Paving Services Require Compaction?

Your asphalt paving company in Austin TX will use heavy-duty rollers throughout the project to compact the various layers of asphalt. Compaction is a crucial step in paving because it helps bind the asphalt materials together.

The pressure bonds the aggregate to the binder, creating a smooth and strong surface!

Do Asphalt Paving Contractors Pay Attention to Pavement Joints?

Parking lots almost always connect to other paved surfaces. For example, your lot may share a joint with a driveway or public road. As part of your asphalt paving services, contractors will work on the joints to ensure a smooth transition.

Joint work aims to prevent jarring height differences or surface changes while ensuring proper drainage for water runoff.

How Long Does New Parking Lot Need to Cure?

The final step of the asphalt parking lot paving process is curing. Asphalt is usually safe to walk on after paving. But it needs a few days to cure before it’s ready for traffic.

Curing time varies, but it’s usually 48 to 72 hours before asphalt paving is traffic-ready. Your asphalt paving company in Austin TX will direct you during the curing process based on the project and local weather conditions.

Asphalt paving fully cures after at least six months. But it’s safe for vehicles after the initial curing period.

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