Why Asphalt Milling May Be Your Best Option for Austin Parking Lots

Why Asphalt Milling May Be Your Best Option for Austin Parking Lots

Why Asphalt Milling May Be Your Best Option for Austin Parking LotsRegardless of the type of business you operate, your parking lot is an essential feature that can have a significant impact on your reputation and profitability. Welcoming your tenants, employees, customers, and other visitors with a safe, visually appealing parking lot can speak volumes about how you conduct your business affairs. In the minds of many, a shoddily maintained parking lot is an indication of a shoddily run operation. If your parking lot has seen better days, you might want to consider the benefits of asphalt milling.

What Is Asphalt Milling?

Asphalt milling in Austin is a procedure by which a precise depth of asphalt pavement is ground away. Asphalt milling companies can use a variety of milling machines to do the grinding. Typically, to mill parking lots in Austin, contractors use a powerful, high-tech machine that can be set to remove as little as a couple of millimeters or as much as the entire depth of the pavement.

What Is the Purpose of Asphalt Milling for Austin Parking Lots?

The basic function of a milling machine is to remove damaged or unsightly asphalt pavement. For example, an Austin asphalt milling company can grind away evidence of extensive crack repairs that have been made over a period of many years. Asphalt milling contractors can also remove pavement that has been damaged by an accident or a car fire. In addition, milling in Austin is widely used to smooth transitions between connecting pavements. However, most Austin asphalt milling is performed as part of an overlay installation, also known as an asphalt resurfacing project.

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

An asphalt overlay is the placement of fresh asphalt paving on top of an existing pavement. Although an overlay closely mimics a new pavement, it is a fraction of the cost of a reconstruction. This is one reason why resurfacing has become such a popular option for Austin parking lots. However, the cost is not the only advantage of an asphalt overlay.

1. When an asphalt milling company mills the existing pavement prior to placing the overlay, curb reveals, gutters, and other features are retained at their original elevations.
2. Austin milling and overlaying is typically fast. Depending on their size, parking lots in Austin can often be completely resurfaced and ready to reopen within just a few days.
3. In many cases, resurfacing Austin parking lots can help satisfy compliance issues. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires pavements in accessible spaces to be free from impediments and meet the standards for slope.
4. Austin milling may also help shield you from potential liabilities. Pools of standing water can conceal potholes or other hazards that could trip a pedestrian, damage a vehicle, or unseat a cyclist. Even repaired cracks can be a tripping hazard if they are significant in size or located in an inconvenient location.

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