Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Austin Summer!

Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Austin Summer!

Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Austin Summer! Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Austin Summer!

Are you seeking asphalt maintenance tips to keep your pavement in good shape this summer? You’ve come to the right place!

Pavement maintenance is crucial year-round, but it’s even more important during the intense heat of Austin summers. Sky-high temperatures can damage asphalt, leading to repair issues and premature deterioration. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to avoid those headaches and help your pavement make it through the summer unscathed.

What Asphalt Maintenance Tips Will Make the Biggest Difference?

The best tip we can provide is to hire an asphalt maintenance company. Your pavement is a substantial investment that you want to last as long as possible. While there’s a lot you can DIY, the best approach is to leave care with the professionals.

Asphalt maintenance services are readily available from trusted contractors and can be a lifesaver during the summer. Professionals understand the complexities of asphalt maintenance and know how to identify what your pavement needs.

Contractors can visit your property for regular inspections, looking for signs of trouble. That early detection ensures that you address problems quickly and efficiently, mitigating serious damage. Asphalt maintenance companies provide ongoing care, helping you get the most out of your pavement while ensuring optimal protection throughout the year.

What Forms of Maintenance in Austin Can Protect Against UV Damage?

UV damage is no joke. While many assume that asphalt can take the hit, non-stop exposure to scorching temperatures and harmful UV rays can lead to serious complications. Over time, the sun’s rays can cause the binders in your asphalt to oxidize, causing the surface to become brittle and crack-prone.

The best way to avoid oxidation is regular sealcoating. Sealcoating is a crucial part of Austin asphalt maintenance. It’s an asphalt maintenance service you should get every three to five years, depending on your pavement’s condition and exposure level.

Here’s where regular inspections from an asphalt maintenance company come in handy. Contractors can look for telltale signs of wear, recommending the right time for a seal coat refresh. They’ll handle the logistics of sealcoating, ensuring your pavement is well-protected during the summer.

What Pavement Maintenance Tips Can Prolong the Life of My Paving?

Great Austin asphalt maintenance requires more than just sealcoating. Asphalt can experience many forms of damage, including alligator cracks, differential settling, potholes, etc.

When those issues occur, you must address them as soon as possible. While you can go several years between sealcoating appointments, it’s important to invest in asphalt maintenance services whenever damage occurs.

Hire pavement maintenance professionals to seal and fill cracks, perform patch repairs to fix potholes and more.

If your pavement has extensive damage, consider overlays. Overlays go beyond standard sealcoating, safeguarding your pavement against water penetration and oxidation while creating a like-new surface. It’s a powerful form of asphalt maintenance in Austin that also improves curb appeal and longevity.

Your asphalt pavement maintenance in Austin may also require improvements to the drainage infrastructure. Poor drainage will wreak havoc on your asphalt paving, and no amount of surface-level repairs will prevent damage. Springing for drainage improvements can prevent standing water, minimizing your pavement’s risk of damage.

Are There Any Asphalt Tasks My Team Can Perform?

Asphalt maintenance in Austin is something you should leave with the professionals. However, there’s a lot that you or your maintenance crew can do between asphalt maintenance services.

Simple tasks like frequent sweeping and power washing make a big difference. Trash and debris can get stuck in cracks and voids. They can eventually push cracks further apart, creating an easy entry point for water. Regular cleaning will prevent that from happening while removing objects that could cause your asphalt to deteriorate.

Another thing you can do is limit the type of traffic your pavement receives during the summer months. If you’re worried about damage, consider limiting heavy vehicles to reduce structural stress.

Don’t let a lack of Austin asphalt maintenance ruin your property’s pavement this summer! Let RDC Paving take care of your pavement maintenance needs.

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