Seven Reasons Why Asphalt Maintenance Should Be in Your Budget

Seven Reasons Why Asphalt Maintenance Should Be in Your Budget

Seven Reasons Why Asphalt Maintenance Should Be in Your BudgetRoutine maintenance can make the difference between whether something operates as it should or breaks down at the worst possible moment. Water heaters, cooling systems, roofs, landscaping, and plumbing systems can all benefit from regularly scheduled inspections so that issues can be addressed promptly. The same premise holds true for the asphalt pavements on your commercial property. Although budgeting for any type of expense can sometimes be challenging, there are seven reasons why you should make sure that you include asphalt maintenance in your budget.

What Are Seven Reasons for Including Asphalt Maintenance in a Budget?

Most commercial operations have three broad goals, which are to protect the brand, make a profit, and avoid negative publicity. An asphalt maintenance company can help you achieve these three goals by providing services that can benefit you in the following seven ways.

1. Money: Asphalt maintenance services can result in significant savings over time. Poorly maintained asphalt pavements will require more frequent and more expensive repairs. Furthermore, in all likelihood, the pavements will need to be reconstructed before they are halfway through their initial life expectancy.
2. Image: Some commercial properties have parking lots that are clearly visible to people who are just driving by. Other properties have parking lots that are obscured until someone passes through a gate or down a drive. Either way, your parking lot is one of the first things they notice, and it can make either a negative or positive impression. People may wonder whether you are a reputable company if you cannot be bothered to ensure that your parking lot receives the asphalt maintenance and repair services it needs.
3. Compliance: When you hear the topic of a legally compliant parking lot, the first thing you probably think of is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. However, did you know that the ADA was amended in 2008, or that an amendment in 2016 tweaked certain definitions? Furthermore, the ADA is not the only set of laws with which you must comply. Local fire or building ordinances can also affect your parking lot. A reputable, experienced Austin asphalt maintenance contractor will know how to ensure that your pavements comply with every applicable law or code.
4. Liability: Incurring a fine for failure to comply with codes or laws would be bad enough. However, you could be in for something worse if you neglect your asphalt maintenance in Austin: lawsuits. Customers, delivery drivers, sales reps, job applicants, or virtually anyone else who is not committing a criminal act could sue you for compensation if your failure to provide asphalt maintenance and repair results in a personal injury or vehicle damage. These types of lawsuits have the potential to tarnish your image as well.
5. Safety: A trustworthy asphalt maintenance company can help make your pavements safer. Pedestrians will be less likely to trip, fall, and injure themselves by stumbling into a pothole, over a misaligned wheel stop, or encountering an unexpected pavement transition. Drivers will be able to focus more on their driving than on dodging potholes and other obstacles. Cyclists who are startled to see a deep pothole in their path will be less likely to swerve suddenly in front of a car.
6. Sales: Most people dislike subjecting their vehicles to abuse by driving over potholes, and they really dislike having vehicles parked so close to each other that door dings are inevitable. They are also not fond of having to avoid puddles of standing water, out-of-place car stops, and other obstacles while traveling from their vehicles to your entrance. If your nearest competitor has a parking lot that is neat, clean, and well-maintained, many of your potential customers could choose to shop there.
7. Guidance: Without sufficient guidance, a parking lot can turn into a chaotic environment. Asphalt maintenance companies know that there are many elements that contribute to providing this guidance. Pavement markings, stop signs, line striping, directional arrows, speed limit signs, stop bars, speed bumps, wheel stops, and warning signs are just a few examples.

What Procedures Should Be Included in an Asphalt Maintenance Budget?

The necessary procedures for asphalt maintenance and repair can differ significantly. Therefore, it is best to ask a trustworthy Austin asphalt maintenance contractor to recommend the appropriate procedures for your specific pavement. However, the following services are the most common procedures for asphalt maintenance in Austin.

1. Asphalt Sealcoating: Although all asphalt maintenance services tend to be quite economical, sealcoating is by far the most cost-effective. Sealcoating offers aesthetic, safety, and protective benefits.
2. Crack Repairs: Sealing or filling cracks is an important part of an effective asphalt maintenance and repair program. Left unrepaired, small cracks turn into large cracks, which then become potholes. The foundation can become eroded by water, leading to sinkholes and alligator cracking.
3. Striping and Marking: Your lines and pavement markings need to be vibrant, neat, and undamaged if they are to serve a purpose. Most asphalt maintenance companies advise repainting lines and markings once their original visibility declines by more than 25%.

If you would like to learn more about budgeting for asphalt maintenance in Austin, contact RDC Paving. We provide any or all of your asphalt maintenance services, including sealcoating, crack repairs, milling, parking lot striping, asphalt repairs, resurfacing, and customized asphalt maintenance plans. We also offer asphalt paving, concrete repair, and asphalt driveway paving services. In addition, we install concrete driveways, parking lots, curbs, ramps, sidewalks, and ADA features. We are known as a trustworthy, dependable company with a commitment to exceptional work and exemplary service. For a free quote, use our online form to submit your information. If you prefer, you can send an email to, or you can call 512-920-9155 to reach our headquarters in Hutto.

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