Why Do Austin Asphalt Contractors Use Subgrade For Paving?

Why Do Austin Asphalt Contractors Use Subgrade For Paving?

Why Do Austin Asphalt Contractors Use Subgrade For Paving?Asphalt pavement is the go-to for commercial and industrial properties because of its resilience, sleek finish and affordability. When Austin asphalt contractors do things right, it can serve your property well for decades. But before any asphalt can go in, contractors must prepare the subgrade.

What is Subgrade, and Why Do Austin Asphalt Contractors Use It?

The subgrade refers to the material beneath the pavement. Think of it as your parking lot or commercial driveway’s foundation. It supports the asphalt, ensuring it can withstand heavy traffic loads and regular wear. Like a building, asphalt surfaces won’t hold up without a solid foundation.

Asphalt companies must take time to prepare the subgrade. The process involves creating a stable, supporting base. Depending on the site’s soil conditions, that could mean compacting and grading the terrain, adding special subgrade material or both!

Does Subgrade Preparation from Asphalt Companies Affect the Pavement’s Load-Bearing Capabilities?

Asphalt contractors in Austin prioritize proper subgrade preparation to ensure the finished product can support the load it needs. Contrary to popular belief, asphalt pavement isn’t indestructible. It can buckle under the weight of heavy vehicles! However, a properly prepared subgrade prevents that from happening.

The strength of the asphalt pavement hinges on the subgrade. If an asphalt contractor were to phone it in during the preparation phase, your asphalt could deteriorate far faster than it should. The result is that you must pay for costly repairs or full-on reconstruction.

Will Properly Prepared Subgrade from Experienced Contractors Improve Longevity?

The subgrade is necessary if you want a long-lasting paved surface. Asphalt contractors in Austin use subgrade to create a stable and uniform foundation for the pavement to sit on. Imagine laying a piece of cardboard over a surface with several peaks and valleys before walking on it. The moment you put pressure on that cardboard, it’ll buckle! It’ll sink on the low points, tear on the highs and quickly move out of place.

The same can occur with asphalt pavement. Asphalt companies must use subgrade to prevent differential settling and cracking caused by weak spots and irregularities. Otherwise, it won’t be long until there are cracks, crumbling surfaces and many areas for potential injuries and vehicle damage!

Does the Subgrade Affect How Asphalt Contractors Plan for Water Drainage?

Proper drainage is another thing that will impact pavement’s durability and longevity. Asphalt is tough, but so is water! Sitting water caused by a lack of drainage can slowly degrade the material, resulting in potholes, alligator cracking, and more.

During subgrade preparation, asphalt paving contractors should take the time to grade and compact the material below the pavement. Doing so will create the right slope for water runoff, allowing water to flow away from the pavement.

What Do Austin Asphalt Contractors Do to Prepare the Subgrade?

Everything starts with soil evaluation. Asphalt paving companies perform detailed soil tests to understand its stability, ability to hold weight, moisture content, etc. Those tests will help asphalt contractors determine how to proceed with subgrade preparation.

What follows is usually land grading. Teams will grade the soil to create the right elevations and slopes for drainage. It evens things out and compacts the soil, producing the stable foundation your pavement needs.

If necessary, asphalt contractors in Austin will provide additional stabilization. There are many ways to stabilize soft spots and improve the subgrade’s overall load-bearing capacity. Depending on the site’s needs, asphalt contractors might add lime, cement or geosynthetic materials. One of the most common stabilizers is 2-inch rock accompanied by geotextile road fabric underneath.

After subgrade preparation, asphalt contractors in Austin will perform additional stabilization tests. Final testing ensures the subgrade has the required density and strength to support the pavement that will go above.

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