What Are the ADA Design & Parking Lot Striping Guidelines for Austin?

What Are the ADA Design and Parking Lot Striping Guidelines for Austin?

When the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, it became one of the most sweeping pieces of civil rights legislation in the nation’s history. The ADA covers a multitude of topics related to the rights of the disabled, but the area that is most familiar to members of the public involves the specifications for accessible parking. Every time you repave your parking lot, alter its design, or repaint its stripes and pavement markings, you need to ensure that you comply with all applicable ADA guidelines. These regulations include the minimum number of accessible spaces, the signage and pavement markings required, and special rules for certain types of facilities.

How Many Accessible Spaces Are Required Under the ADA Guidelines?

The total of parking spaces available in your lot determines the minimum number of accessible spaces that you must provide. For example, if you offer fewer than 26 spaces, at least one of them must be accessible; if you only have one parking space, it must be accessible. The information below covers most types of businesses or facilities.

  • You must offer at least two accessible spaces if your total spaces are between 26 and 50, three accessible spaces if the total is between 51 and 75, and four accessible spaces if your total spaces are between 76 and 100.
  • You need five accessible spaces if your total availability is between 101 and 150, six if the total is between 151 and 200, and seven if your total spaces are between 201 and 300.
  • If your total availability is between 301 and 400, your striping contractor should provide you with eight accessible spaces, and you will need nine if your total availability is between 401 and 500.
  • For lots offering between 501 and 1,000 total spaces, the regulations require that at least 2% of them are accessible.
  • Lots with at least 1,001 total spaces must provide 20 accessible spaces. For every additional 100 available space, or portion thereof, accessible spaces must be increased by one.

What Signage and Pavement Markings Are Required Under the ADA Guidelines?

Accessible spaces must be identified by signage, and they are typically also identified by a pavement marking. The international symbol of accessibility is to be used for both signs and pavement markings. Signs must be permanently mounted, securely affixed, and located at the front of the space at a specified height. If the space is van-accessible, an additional sign to that effect must also be installed. Access aisles should be marked to prevent other drivers from infringing on them.

What Special Rules Apply for ADA-Compliant Parking Lot Striping in Austin TX?

Lot striping contractors must determine the nature of the business before creating a layout to deliver their pavement striping service. Most parking lots that need to conform to different standards are attached to medical facilities.

  • Hospital outpatient facilities must make 10% of their total visitor and patient parking spaces accessible.
  • Outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities specializing in mobility issues must make 20% of their total spaces for visitors and patients accessible.

What Are Some Other Requirements for ADA-Compliant Parking Lot Striping?

When it comes to parking lots, ADA design requirements are rather complex, and it is impossible to discuss all of them here. However, here are some of the most significant requirements.

  • Accessible spaces must be located so that they offer the shortest route to an accessible entrance.
  • Accessible routes should be free from barriers, including curbs.
  • Accessible routes should be located so that people are not forced to travel behind parked cars.
  • Pavements should be well-maintained so that those parking in accessible spaces or following accessible routes will not encounter tripping or slipping hazards.

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