Five Appealing Events to Enjoy in Austin, Texas

Festivals in Austin

Austin, TX

5 Appealing Events to Enjoy in Austin, TX

If you are looking for a city that never has any down time between major events, then look no further than Austin, TX. Regardless of your tastes, this city is guaranteed to have something you will find appealing. From racing, to food and music, to celebrating the birthday of a fictional character, Austin is sure to please.

Since listing all the available events the capital city has to offer would be cumbersome, here are five great ones that every Austinite and would-be Austinites should experience at least once in their lifetime:

1. The Formula One World Championship:

Every year, about 120,000 racing fans gather at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX to watch the sprinters zoom around the track. This is probably the largest spectator event you will find in Texas. Yes, even larger than a Dallas Cowboys game.

The race track is actually designed specifically for F1 racing. The race takes place every year with event dates varying between late October to mid-November.

Formula One Race

2. Christmas Tree Lighting at Zilker Park:

This is a great family experience and a bit more low-key than a lot of other events in the city. The Zilker Christmas Tree is one of the largest in the United States. The tree is 150 feet tall and 120 feet wide. There are approximately 3,500 lights, and the star is a purported 10 feet in diameter.

Bring the whole family out for this event and enjoy kettle corn, candy, as well as singing along to some Christmas carols.

3. Birthday Party for Eeyore?

Yep! Every year for the last 50 years, Eeyore’s birthday celebration has been keeping Austin, TX weird. The event is not as superfluous as it may sound, though. The event is actually a large fundraiser that aims to bring financial support to and public awareness about Austin’s many non-profit organizations.

Think of it as a way for these organizations to say “thanks for noticing me.” Awesome activities include face painting, live music, and temporary tattoos for the little ones. Admission is free.

4. South by Southwest:

South by Southwest

This festival is by far one of the most well-known events globally. For nearly 30 years, South by Southwest has been one of the largest music festivals in the nation.

With thousands of brand sponsorships and more than 2,000 musicians and bands coming to perform live shows, this is truly an essential and sacred pilgrimage for music lovers.

5. Austin City Limits Music Festival:

In a close second among music festivals, the ACL festival in Texas is also a ‘must-go’ for music fans. Austin City Limits is better known as a long running television show that broadcasted the beginnings of blues legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn and guitar virtuosos like Eric Johnson.

ACL is the place to go see up-and-coming musicians and well-known artists perform. ACL has such a strong reputation among the music world that at any given time, the show will air famous musicians, singers, and singer-songwriters from all over the world.

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