Start 2023 With Asphalt Sealcoating Saving Benefits!

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Start 2023 With Asphalt Sealcoating Saving BenefitsDuring the first few months of the year, many people pay closer attention to their budgets than they do during the summer and autumn. The budgets are new, so it is common for people to ask themselves a variety of questions. Is the total budget sufficient? Are the allocations reasonable? Are there ways to cut corners to reserve funds for an emergency reallocation? If you are considering skipping on your parking lot maintenance, you might want to consider your potential asphalt sealcoating savings before deciding.

What Is Parking Lot Sealcoating?

Sealcoating are products that manufacturers send out as concentrated powders. Sealcoating contractors then mix the proper proportion of concentrated sealcoat with water and silica sand to create a sealcoating mix. The liquid mix is sprayed, brushed, or squeegeed onto an asphalt pavement. Typically, when sealcoating parking lots, contractors apply two thin coats, allowing the sealant to dry between applications. Once it is thoroughly cured, the sealant forms a tough shell that is bonded to the pavement.

How Are Asphalt Sealcoating Savings Delivered?

Sealcoating a parking lot can often double or even triple its useful life by protecting the pavement against damage. Austin asphalt sealcoating is highly effective at preventing damage from vehicle fluids and ultraviolet radiation.

1. To state the obvious, parking lots are primarily for the use of vehicles. Internal-combustion vehicles rely on a variety of fluids, including oil, diesel or gasoline, and brake fluids. It is very common for lines, hoses, or gaskets to develop leaks. Like asphalt, most vehicle fluids are petroleum-based products that usually interact in a way that is quite destructive. In the case of an asphalt pavement, the interaction will soften the pavement, break down the binding agent that holds the pavement together, and leave little behind except crumbs. A pothole forms, grows larger, and gives birth to numerous cracks. Without prompt attention, the foundation of the pavement will be severely compromised. You will need frequent and more expensive repairs to keep your parking lot in service. Periodic applications of parking lot sealcoating help prevent vehicle fluids from coming into contact with your asphalt pavement.
2. The sun is one of the most powerful enemies of asphalt pavements. It emits ultraviolet radiation that dries out asphalt paving, making it brittle and inflexible. Your pavement loses its ability to give under the weight of traffic, then rebound quickly. Instead, even normal traffic can crack the pavement. Without Austin asphalt sealcoating, your parking lot can become riddled with cracks that will just keep expanding. Soon, you will need to deal with alligatored asphalt, numerous potholes, and severe foundation damage. Potentially, you could be forced to demolish and reconstruct your parking lot in as few as seven years. However, sealcoating is extremely effective at blocking UV rays, so your pavement will suffer fewer and smaller cracks. As a bonus, sealcoating Austin TX parking lots boosts the curb appeal of your property. Sealcoating rejuvenates the color of asphalt pavement, conceals minor surface imperfections, and makes the surface appear more even.

What Else Is Needed to Maximize My Asphalt Sealcoating Savings?

One thing that you can do is to keep your parking lot clean to avoid damaging your sealcoating. Hire a professional sweeping service to remove dirt, trash, loose gravel, and dead vegetation regularly. Some parking lots need daily sweeping services, but your schedule could vary. Here are some additional tips to maximize your sealcoating savings.

1. Always work with an experienced, reputable sealcoating company. Interview several asphalt sealcoating companies to select the right one for your needs. You want a sealcoating contractor with experience working on similar parking lots, has sufficient insurance, and a reputation for providing quality results.
2. A reputable contractor can recommend the appropriate schedule for sealcoating your parking lot. Typically, sealcoating in Austin TX lasts about two years. If you go too long between applications, your pavement will not receive the maximum protection. However, if you sealcoat too frequently, you could be wasting your money.
3. Reputable asphalt sealcoating companies will not attempt to sealcoat over potholes or other significant damage. The sealcoating will drain into the breaks and be wasted, and your pavement will remain vulnerable to water infiltration.
4. Sealcoating is opaque, so it will obscure your pavement markings and line striping. Try to find a sealcoating company that can also repaint your markings and stripes. At the very least, you can save time, and you might also increase your savings.

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