Is Your Road Ready for Repair?

Is Your Road Ready for Repair?

Asphalt repair services in the Round Rock, Austin, TX area

RDC Paving has spent years laying a solid foundation of customer service and roadwork in and around Austin, TX. Whether you need repairs done to your parking lot or your road, we’ve got the chops to handle the job.

We offer:

1. A wide range of asphalt know-how and skill
2. Highly competitive pricing
3. Free quotes on all our work

Repair those potholes!

Potholes are an eventual fact of life with any parking lot, but they don’t have to be a big problem. Repairing your potholes prevents them from growing and leading to worse damage by allowing water under the surface. We’ll fix up your lot using top quality materials and proven techniques.

Fill those cracks in your asphalt!

Just like potholes, cracks can grow and eat away at your parking lot if they’re left untreated. We’ll take care of the cracks and ensure your asphalt lasts for years of smooth cruising.

Call RDC Paving in Austin, TX for a free estimate on our pothole and crack filling services.

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