Pave the Way to a Better Property

Pave the Way to a Better Property

Asphalt paving services in the Austin, TX area

RDC Paving brings numerous years of roadwork know-how to our asphalt paving, repair and maintenance jobs around Austin, TX. With a growing industry reputation for skill and customer-minded service, we’re your best bet for blacktop beauty.

When we lay down new asphalt on your property, it’s our goal to offer you a high quality product while saving you money.
You can trust us to:
• Clean and clear your site so you’re starting with a blank slate
• Use top quality recycled asphalt
• Save you money over the competition

Not ready for an all new parking lot? Asphalt overlays are a popular technique to improve and preserve your parking lot or road. An overlay reduces distress on your asphalt and maintains its surface while reducing life-cycle costs.

Call RDC Paving in Austin, TX for a free estimate on our paving and asphalt overlay services.